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To many Upstream, Refining, and Petrochemical professionals a "Hex Valve" is a generic description for bar stock instrument, gauge, and orifice valves. That didn't happen by accident. These valves were originally developed, and marketed by us decades ago as a means to simplify the piping associated with gauge and differential pressure transmitter applications.


Since our acquisition in 1985 by Richards Industries, our product line has expanded to cover almost every conceivable primary and secondary valve (2, 3 and 5 valve manifold) application for a variety of automated process industries. From small 1/4" needle valves and patented stabilized instrument platforms for the Natural Gas Industry to high temperature primary valves and hydrocarbon sampling valves for Refineries and Power plants, to exotic gas distribution manifolds for our Biopharm customers.


Hex does it all with our original objective in mind......."Create value for the customer by simplifying the piping associated with instrumentation, and the distribution of process and utility fluids."


Hex Value Proposition

- Hex Valves reduce customer Capex cost by:

1. Reducing installation size, material, weight and installation labor

- Hex Valves reduce customer SH&E cost by: 

1. Reducing number of potential installation leak points

2. Reducing total installation weight and moment arm

- Hex Valves reduce O&M costs by:

1. Creating time saving and unique instrument valve vent and calibration access.


Hex Valve is committed to delivering the best products and customer service. Please give us your feedback!

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